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When you are installing decks in your property you are investing a lot of money. That is why it is best to hire someone reliable to build the deck for you. We have been building decks for more than 20 years in Brownsburg, Indiana. We install patio enclosures and fences as well. We work with trained workers who are certified to build decks, install fences and patio enclosures. If you are planning to build a deck choosing the right material, designing the perfect deck and proper installation are all important. That is why you have us. We are professional deck builders in Brownsburg. Our customers are highly satisfied with the kind of services we have provided them. Our team in Brownsburg builds decks, fences and patio enclosure according to our customers demands. We know what the client wants and before planning the installation we talk to them to get what they want.

Deck Building

Deck Builders In Brownsburg

Decks are an amazing way to increase your property value while building space for party time. Inviting friends or family and holding barbeque parties at the deck makes everything so much better. You don’t have to take care of the mess that is made after a party inside the house. No fear of spells in your carpet and smoke of cooking in your kitchen. We build perfect looking decks with sitting areas you like. Our custom made decks can be a standard wooden deck or something more complex like multi-level decks. We could make these decks with wood, or composite material. For a more durable option you could also go for paved decks with concrete or stone.

Fence Installations In Brownsburg

We install fences that are made of durable material and don’t need as much maintenance. Our sturdy fences are strong against the elements of nature. They are hard to break into. We use metal such as aluminum, steel, and wrought iron to install metal fences. If you want something more classic and affordable such as vinyl or wooden fences are the way to go. You could go for various designs, colors and sizes. Just let us know what kind of fence you need in your property and we will install the best fence for you. If the installation needs a permit for the digging that would be done, we will get the permits. Fences are best for security, privacy or both.

Fence Building
Patio Enclosure

Patio Enclosures In Brownsburg

Patio enclosures can be done by wooden frame without glass encore, like awning. We also install patio encore like a sunroom with a glass enclosure. If you want something more dynamic, patio enclosures with big glass windows are an amazing option. We use high quality wood and the best tempered/laminated glass. We will install reflective glass or tinted ones to control how much sunlight gets in the patio. If you want maximum sunlight, we can install clear glass. Patio enclosure can be made with prior planning so you get the best looking patio possible.

Why Hire Deck Builders Brownsburg

Deck Builders Location
  • We are counted among the best deck builders.
  • We are quick and effective in our work.
  • Our team has some of the best people working, who know everything there is to know about decks.
  • We specialize in decks, fences and patio enclosure and no one can compare to our skills.
  • We are a licensed and insured company who are bonded as well.
  • We provide high quality service at affordable prices for the people of Brownsburg.

About Brownsburg

Brownsburg is a town located in Hendricks County, Indiana. According to the 2019 census, the population is 27,001. Places to visit in Brownsburg are Williams Park, Arbuckle Acres Park, Watermill Splash Pad, Brownsburg Parks & Recreation.

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