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5 Things You Need to Know About Fence Installation in Indianapolis

Nothing can be more frustrating than coming home to find your flowers have been trampled, your patio furniture has disappeared, or someone has broken into your house, leaving a mess in their wake. Fortunately, fencing is a practical and affordable way to secure your property, keeping intruders out.

Beyond upgrading your property’s security, fence installation can gracefully blend with the aesthetics of your home, making your property more appealing. If being a concerned homeowner has you wondering, “what are the many intricacies of fence installation?” enlisted are five critical points that will help you take a strategic approach to ensure you make the best decisions.

Types of Fences

The market is flooded with a variety of fencing ideas to secure your property. Each boasting their own unique features to provide security, as well as complement your style choice, there is most definitely one that fits your needs. Following are the six most popular and proven fence materials:


Being one of the most sturdy materials, wood is an excellent choice to complement your home. They are most generally made out of treated wood, lasting up to 25 years. They are great in regions with moderate sunlight exposure. Wood fences are often installed as privacy or security fences. Individuals opting for wood fence installation Indianapolis often desire the natural allure that wood provides. After all, wood fences are aesthetically attractive, comparatively affordable, and durable. The main drawback of wood fences is that their maintenance costs are high, as they are vulnerable to damage from insects and rotting.


A less expensive option than wood, aluminum fencing is a popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade the look and security of their property. They can be made to look like a variety of different styles such as log, picket, or no look. Representing an investment that will last over five-decade, aluminum fences are one of the most durable on the market. Also boasting the added benefit of being rust and mildew proof, aluminum fences can withstand the elements without rusting or rotting. A superb option for families looking for affordable fence Indianapolis with pets and professionals who require their fences to receive high traffic, aluminum is also the easiest to maintain and repair.


If rigidity and strength is a necessity, PVC is the option for you. This material is both flexible and strong, which makes it a cost-effective, attractive choice. Often a popular in commercial properties, PVC requires little maintenance and can last for years. This material is waterproof and resistant to termites, making it a popular option for homeowners in humid climates. Combining the protection of aluminum with the decorative qualities of wood, PVC has brought the best out of other fencing styles.


This durable material is an option for those who enjoy the aesthetic qualities of wood but demand a longer lifespan. Vinyl is resistant to water and decay, making it a popular option for those in humid environments. Vinyl is also a popular choice for those seeking fences Indianapolis for pets or children.

Wrought Iron

Resistant to corrosion, this type of fencing offers a unique look that stands out from its counterparts. This material is highly durable and can endure the elements much longer than others. Requiring little maintenance, wrought iron is often a popular choice for those who want a fence that will rejuvenate the exterior of their property.

Chain Link

If durability is what you are after, a chain link may be your best bet. This type of fencing is a popular option for homeowners at risk of inclement weather, such as snowy winters, hail, wind, and ice. Often made of galvanized steel, the chain link is extremely durable and does not require regular maintenance. The benefits of the chain link fence are numerous, as it is a cost-effective way to redefine the aesthetics of your property.


Every home is unique and has its own distinct set of circumstances. This is your responsibility to ensure that you check with your city or county to find out your local laws before installing a fence. What you need to know about your state’s fencing laws can save you substantial time, money, and energy. In some instances, you need not only a building permit, but a zoning permit, and even a landscaping permit as well.

Working With Neighbors

It is recommended that you talk to your neighbors before you go to the city with your plans for a fence installation. If their address is within your view, you will need to talk to them about the type of fence, the height, and your desired “look” as well. If you live in a society with homes that are close to each other, it’s also important to discuss and take permission from your neighbors before getting yourself into a potentially expensive situation. And if you are lucky enough to have an understanding neighbor, you may even discuss splitting costs of fence installation.

Fence Repair & Maintenance

Repair and maintenance are necessary to keep your fence looking brand new. Whether it’s blemishes in paint or stains from excessive exposure, keeping your fence in tip-top shape requires regular upkeep to maintain its beauty and safety. Your fence is a smart investment, and it will cost substantially more to repair than it would have it professionally maintained. So, invest some time and sweat into keeping your fence in perfect condition, as it is one of the most crucial aspects to securing your property.

Importance of Hiring a Qualified Fence Contractor

Trying to do a fence installation yourself can be the most daunting, and disastrous, experience. Of course, we would all love to save some money by doing some DIY. However, in most instances, fencing requires the efforts of a professional. Hiring a qualified fence contractor will ensure that you and your family have a fence you can count on. Indianapolis Deck Builders, LLC is a premier Indianapolis fence installation company committed at providing you with a quality fence installation Indianapolis that will make you confident your property is safe and secure. Give us a call right away and let us will help you make the most professional decision that will change your lifestyle.


Whether you are looking for an extension to protect your family and property or simply looking to improve the look of your home, fence installation can be a worthwhile investment. There are many factors to consider, and the added difficulty can make this project a complex one. Make sure you make the right decisions before you take action on your fencing project, and don’t forget to check your state’s laws before moving forward.

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