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Having a deck can increase your property value, not to mention they are an amazing add on to have. With over 20 years of experience in deck building, we are counted among some of the most sought after deck building professionals. We help you choose the right deck material that goes with the look of your house. Some of our other services include fence installation, and patio enclosures. We have some of the best woodwork specialists and deck specialists to work on your property. Give us a call today to get decks built in your Fishers property.

Deck Building

Deck Builders In Fishers

We will build decks made of wood, composite, stone and concrete cement. All the materials have their unique looks. Wooden decks which are the most common ones have more of a classic feel to them. They can be made of several types of wood but the most common ones are cedar or redwood. These woods are pressure treated so they become more durable. When we build decks with wood, you can be assured you get water resistant and strong decks that can last you a lifetime. Other deck material that is composite is a mixture of few materials and are quite durable as well. They are cheaper, and come in different colors that you can choose from. Lastly stone or concrete paved decks are solid surfaces and are hardly resistant against the elements of nature. 

Fence Installations In Fishers

If you want to build a fence around your property for privacy or security reasons, we have the best options for you. Our team has experience installing all kinds of fences for the residential properties of Fishers. We can install fences to keep your property secure. These types of fences are usually made of metal or wood, they are tall and they may or may not be seen through. For privacy fences we will install fences that are solid, and no one can look inside your property. If you need a fence for your pool we can do that. We get fences directly from manufacturers so you can be assured about the quality of these fences.

Fence Building
Patio Enclosure

Patio Enclosures In Fishers

Patios can be turned to a place to socialise with your friend. You could use this space to be close to the outdoors while still having the cozy feeling of being indoors. You can decorate an enclosed patio with upholstery, carpets, and fireplaces. They are perfect to enjoy cold, rainy or sunny weather without being directly outside. We install patio enclosures by installing wooden frames around the patio, installing windows, glass enclosures and more. Our team can discuss all the possible things you could do to enclose your patio.

Why Hire Deck Builders Fishers

Deck Builders Location
  • We are a reliable and trustworthy company in Fishers, Indiana.
  • We have trained and certified professionals working for us who also have years of experience.
  • We use the best quality material that comes with warranty.
  • We believe in customer service and an ethical way of working.
  • Our prices are unmatchable in the town.
  • We provide free estimates for our services.

About Fishers

Fishers is a city in Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, located in the townships of Fall Creek and Delaware. Fishers had a population of 95,310 people in 2019, according to census data. Places to visit in Fishers are Fort Harrison State Park, Geist Reservoir, Flat Fork Creek Park and many more.

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